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About Recommendator

I've made a small software that can be used to get game recommendations tailored to a player's tastes. The program require your collection.csv file (in your Boardgamegeek collection page, click on "Download board games : ALL"). It will then analyse every game you've rated (owned or not) and build suggestions lists from that.




License : Recommendator is freeware. However, you can make a donation with Paypal if you're so inclined.

Download Recommendator (for Windows)

Change Log

March 2022
-Updated the game database.
-Add an HOWTO for updating the game database by yourself.

March 2021
-Updated the game database.

February 2020
-Updated the game database.
-Increased the database game count from 5000 to 10000.

January 2019
-Updated the game database.

June 2018
-Updated the game database.

February 2018
-Updated the game database.

September 2017
-Updated the game database.

June 2017
-Updated the game database.
-Added BGG Rank, iOS, Android and PC filter.
-Added lists of games with iOS, android or PC support.

March 2017
-Initial Release

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